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Best Digital Marketing Strategies for the Modern Healthcare Practice in 2023

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 Digital Marketing Strategies for the Modern Healthcare Practice

Vigarbiz Inc. is a B2B marketing business created by Hi-Tech Industry professionals in the United States that value technology and creativity in Sales and Marketing. We specialize in EMR, Medical Scribing, Automation Solutions, ABM, Demand Generation, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing & E-Commerce development. We assist organizations in increasing demand, attracting audiences, understanding their requirements, nurturing them via the appropriate lead funnel, and obtaining the sales pipeline they deserve.


Automate your Practice with Vigarbiz Inc. 

Increase practice efficiency and patient satisfaction using operational, billing, and communication automation technologies. Vigarbiz Incs automation solutions can help you make your practice more productive and lucrative.

Vigarbiz Inc. offers independent practice automation solutions that enhance patient satisfaction and boosts productivity. Vigarbiz Inc. is a customizable, linked platform that allows you to automate your unique processes and guarantee your patients receive contemporary care every step of the way, from pre-appointment intake to post-appointment billing operations.


Benefits of Automation 


  • Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation saves time and effort by automating dull and repetitive operations. Automate workflows for revenue cycle management to significantly boost your profitability.

  • Online scheduling 

Allow patients to schedule directly with you on 20+ websites, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and others. Provide fast, 24-hour online booking wherever people discover you’re practice.


  • Automated patient billing 

Sending pre-programmed SMS, email, and postal statements will streamline your patient collecting process. Automated patient billing ensures that you communicate in the appropriate manner and at the appropriate time.


  • Automated appointment reminders

With quick SMS and email reminders, you can easily confirm appointments and decrease no-shows while freeing up personnel for other vital work.


  • Digital intake and assessment forms

Simplify and enhance the check-in process by emailing patients intake forms ahead of time, saving both patients and staff time.


  • Digital surveys 

Make it simple for people to provide feedback and share their positive experiences with your practice. Keep track of all public reviews on your most prominent and influential web accounts.


EMR Services

Manage patient information, automate clinical processes, and increase healthcare cooperation with our EMR services. Is your healthcare facility’s efficiency suffering as a result of a disorderly workflow? Are you looking to work with an experienced EMR service provider who can install, build, deploy, support, and manage a wide range of EMR solutions?

Using our EMR services, you may manage patient information, prioritize activities, and build physician dashboards. This combines and consolidates different processes in your healthcare practice. Our medical EMR assistance assists you in improving clinical care and providing more tailored experiences for your patients. With our EMR solutions, you can streamline operations, increase care quality, and promote healthier communities.


Our EMR Solutions

Often, physicians and healthcare facilities must balance providing patient treatment with keeping patient data. We provide transparent visibility for apps and platforms in public, private, on-premises, and multi-cloud healthcare contexts. Among our EHR services are:


  • EMR Consultation and Workflow Management

Use EMR to satisfy staffing and patient management needs and stay competitive in the expanding healthcare industry. It offers a user-friendly and feature-rich interface for subspecialties and allows you to gather, consolidate, store, and retrieve patient data at any time and from any location.


  • Personnel Education and Training

With our electronic medical record services, you may teach your healthcare team to use a newly deployed EHR or educate them on specific features. Our solutions assist you in uploading, saving, and editing training materials.


  • EMR Data Entry Services 

With our EMR data entry systems, you can accurately record critical healthcare data and organize patient data, diagnostic reports, treatment plans, and other information in online-editable forms. This reduces mistakes and increases process efficiency.


  • EMR Integration Services

Integrate your EMR systems with our apps and platforms to make the most of them. This improves teamwork and the flow of critical information, allowing clinicians to provide better treatment.


  1. EMR System Implementation

Our team assists you in developing a governance plan to optimize your data, employee details, and user group information, and create regulatory requirements in relation to the EMR solution. We can help you with the implementation, deployment, customization, and data migration from your existing system to the new EMR solutions.


  • EMR system support, Upgrade and Maintenance

With our electronic medical record services, you may get round-the-clock assistance to reduce software downtime by enhancing your organization’s IT usability. We also offer maintenance and assistance. Work with us to create custom reports, personalize the user experience, and manage healthcare assets.


  • EMR Data Migration Services

We offer a variety of value-added services, such as EMR data transfer services, to clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare practices globbally. This enables healthcare companies to transition to a new EMR system or archive without losing significant historical data.


  • EMR Software Development 

Get fully integrated EMR medical software that meets your particular needs and assists you in streamlining process flows and reducing inefficiencies. We integrate pharmaceutical and patient data, workflow management, prescription writing, patient visit monitoring, and appointment scheduling into EMR software.


  • Virtual EMR Services.

Use our online EMR services to manage processes digitally and without disturbance. Our remote agent’s document and update data, as well as refresh outdated values, to maintain the system up to date and allow for quick retrieval of health information. This helps you to concentrate on patient care rather than worrying about errors.


  • Specialty EMR Services

We offer custom-built EMR systems for medicine, radiography, surgery, gynecology, hematology, and other specialties. We have created EMRs for a variety of healthcare facilities to assist them in optimizing patient records, updating data, tracking test results, and much more. Among our specialty EMR solutions are:


  • Cardiology EMR Services
  • Dermatology EMR Services
  • Endocrinology EMR Services
  • Podiatry EMR Services
  • Office Ally EHR Services
  • Gastroenterology EHR Services
  • Internal Medicine EMR Services
  • Medical Record Summary Services
  • General Surgery EMR Services
  • Nephrology EMR Services
  • Vascular Surgery EMR Services
  • Ambulatory Surgery EMR Services
  • Pain Management EMR Services
  • OB/GYN EMR Services
  • Oncology EMR Services
  • Neurology EMR Services
  • Orthopedics EMR Services
  • EMR Integration Services
  • Urgent Care EHR Services
  • Infectious Disease EMR Services
  • House Call EMR Services
  • EMR Data Entry Services
  • Urgent Care EHR Services
  • Hand Surgery EMR Services
  • House Call EMR Services
  • Nephrology EMR Services
  • Pain Management EMR Services
  • Physical Medicine EMR Services
  • Pulmonary EMR Services
  • Primary Care EMR Services
  • Rheumatology EMR Services
  • Rehabilitative Medicine EMR Services
  • Speech Therapy EMR Services
  • Sleep Medicine EMR Services
  • Urology EMR Services
  • Psychiatry EMR Services
  • Behavioral Health EMR Services



  • Our EMR Service Process

Professional consultants, developers, EMR specialists, and others work on our solutions. This frees up your IT/non-IT resources and improves your ROI. We use a time-tested approach to produce the finest EMR solution in the business, which includes : – 

  • Requirement Gathering

Our advisors will first assess your company’s needs for electronic medical records services.


  • EMR Tool Design 

We will then create the EMR tool based on your requirements and input.


  • EMR System Development 

As soon as the design is ready and approved, our developers will begin working on the EMR, which will involve system implementation, development, or migration.


  • EMR Quality Analysis 

Following the end of the development process, the QA specialists will evaluate the tool using a variety of metrics, primarily performance and adaptability.


  • Reporting and Feedback Analysis 

We will wait for your input before sending the recorded reports after they have been validated by quality control professionals.


EMR Tools/Software we Leverage

Our team works with various EMR healthcare software and can assist you with design, implementation, modification, deployment, migration, and maintenance, among other things. We use the following technologies and software to give great online EMR support:


What Makes Us the Best EMR Service Provider? 

We are a well-known provider of online EMR solutions employing EMR healthcare software. You can get the following benefits by outsourcing EMR services to us. –

  • ISO Certified EMR Service

We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited firm with enough resources and a strong network of tools and technology to provide you with full medical EMR solutions.


  • Data/Project Security

FWS meets all ISMS requirements, is HIPAA compliant, and is ISO/EC 27001:2013 certified. This indicates our ability to put IT security measures in place and deal with security concerns.


  • High-quality EMR Services

Our healthcare support operation is managed by a team of skilled professionals that adhere to all quality standards required to give value as an ISO-certified EMR firm.


  • Faster Turnaround

Our knowledgeable team of consultants, medical EMR specialists, and subject matter experts creates tailored solutions. We can save you 40%-50% of your time by outsourcing electronic medical records services to us.


  • Skilled Team

Our highly skilled personnel provide high-octane EMR systems. We give a consistent consultant who will be your primary point of contact for any issue or request.


  • Competitive Pricing

Outsourcing EMR services ensures flexible and scalable EMR solutions that fit your budget. We provide a personalized quotation depending on the resources, tools, and length of your project.



Electronic healthcare records (EHRs) increase efficiency and make it simpler to transmit medical information to patients, providers, and payors. All of that data entering, however, takes time away from patients and adds to a provider’s already hectic schedule. Remote medical scribes that are well-trained can assist.


Less quality time with patients

Doctors can spend one-third of a 15-minute session gazing at the computer rather than at the patient.


Lost Revenue

Inadequate and incorrect paperwork might result in down coding and missed insurance revenue. Extra administrative hours mean less time for revenue-generating patient visits.


Clinician Burnout

Data input and EMR charting might take up to two to three hours each day for physicians. This takes away personal time, leaving less time for friends and family.


Courtesy calls (Follow-up calls)

Courtesy calling is a good approach to remind guests of forthcoming appointments and to get feedback from patients about their visit to the clinic/hospital. Taking notes on their questions, as well as any extra care the patient need.



Medical Billing Process

When it comes to insurance payments, hospitals and healthcare institutions encounter several challenges. Payments are deemed settled when patients present their insurance information at the hospital’s front desk. However, until the insurance company pays the claim, the hospital or healthcare institution does not get the final payment. Our medical billing services enable hospitals to take a back seat during the various stages of the procedure.

Vigarbiz Inc.Solutions follows a structure of clearly defined processes to streamline the medical billing process and decrease the everyday inconveniences faced by hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


  • Transmission of Claims to Vigarbiz 

Patients’ medical records contain crucial demographic information such as a summary of diagnosis, medical history, and frequent updates on physician visits. Medical claims are forwarded to our billing team by the hospital through courier or scanned documents, accompanied by patient medical records, charge sheets, insurance verification data, a copy of the insurance card, and any other patient information. This is then scanned and transferred to a secure FTP server where our skilled medical billing team may view it.


  • Retrieval and checking of medical claims 

Our employees will next extract the material from the FTP server and search the papers for any unreadable or missing information. If there are any mistakes, the hospital or healthcare institution is alerted right away and requested to resend the paperwork.


  • Medical Coding 

Medical coding, a crucial stage in claims processing, fixes the procedure and diagnosis codes for each patient using CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases) standards. The ‘degree of service’ defines the 5-digit procedure code, while the diagnostic code, as the name implies, is based on the doctor’s medical diagnoses.


  • Charge creation

Once the papers have been examined and validated, and the coding has been done, our medical billing staff will prepare medical claims while complying with the requirements unique to the carriers and regions. Claims are often filed within 24 hours.


  • Medical claims audit

The claims are subsequently subjected to a thorough auditing procedure that includes intensive examination at many levels. Completed claims are double-checked for accurate procedures and diagnosis codes, as well as for genuine and comprehensive information. The most prevalent reason for claim denial is the submission of incomplete/incorrect information. Vigarbiz Inc.Solutions’ effective medical billing procedure.


  • Medical Claims transmission

The claims are subsequently submitted and transmitted to the claims transmission department, together with all essential information and supporting papers for each claim.


  • Claims submission 

The final audited and recorded medical claims are printed and forwarded to the different insurance companies and government authorities, together with pertinent information and supporting paperwork for the final payout.


  • Follow-up and settlement 

The final and most crucial phase in the medical billing procedure. Hospitals and healthcare institutions no longer have to track down insurance companies for payment. We’ll make sure to follow up on everything until the task is finished and the final payments are received.


  • Vigarbiz Inc.Solutions provides several advantages.

With over 18 years of experience providing medical billing services to a variety of medical billing companies, healthcare providers, and insurance companies in the United States and the United Kingdom, our services are comprehensive and cover all gaps associated with outsourcing medical billing services. Some of the benefits we provide to consumers are as follows:

Quality Control

  • Medical claims audit 
  • Strict adherence to quality control requirements 
  • Quality assurance audits 
  • Monthly billing audits



  • Email, fax, and phone contact
  • Medical billing process streamlined by templates and regulations 
  • All electronic papers are kept for 120 days unless otherwise indicated


Security Measures 

  • Limiting employee access to files and folders
  • FTP servers that are secure
  • A comprehensive data backup of all patient visits
  • Backup for internal data and communication


Compliance Standards

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Employees are well-versed in Medicare, Medicaid, managed care, third-party liability, workers’ compensation, preferred provider groups, and indemnity insurance laws.
  • Compliance with standards such as CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10 Medical Coding Levels 1, 2, and 3
  • Proficiency in Medical Coding Levels 1, 2 and 3


​​Concerns in Outsourcing medical billing services 

In the past, there have been events that have given rise to legitimate worries and misgivings about outsourcing medical billing services. The most popular are as follows:

  • Healthcare fraud
  • Noncompliance with federal, state, and payer rules
  • Incorrect claim submission
  • Lack of awareness of medical billing legislation in the United States

At Vigarbiz Inc. Solutions, we provide proper training and provide our personnel with access to a repository of information on the most recent developments in the medical billing arena, therefore avoiding the possibility of inaccuracy and errors caused by a lack of acquaintance with applicable regulations. We have been offering medical billing services for more than a decade and have the experience and capability to deliver cost-effective solutions to your medical billing needs.

To outsource medical billing services, please contact us.


Digital Marketing

Experience digital tools and assistance designed to assist independent practices in attracting new patients, providing contemporary treatment, receiving payment swiftly, and operating efficiently.

Before scheduling an appointment, 90% of people research their providers online. With a responsive SEO-optimized website, search marketing tools, automatic reputation management, enhanced online profiles, and social media management, you can make a good first impression, reach new patients, and nurture the ones you already have.


Connected patient experience

Almost 80% of patients say they would change providers for greater convenience. With online scheduling, appointment reminders, digital patient intake forms, text messaging, and a secure patient portal, you can empower your employees to create a patient-centered experience.


Modern health-care delivery

Increase clinical efficiency across the patient experience with a certified, cloud-based EHR created for healthcare practitioners and easily integrated with the Vigarbiz Inc. platform. Vigarbiz Inc.’s care delivery solutions, powered by intelligent automation and real-time patient insights, include provider scheduling, clinical notes, flowsheets, electronic prescriptions, electronic labs, telemedicine, and a mobile application to safely give contemporary care from anywhere.


Rapid income generation

Almost half of providers are unable to collect a patient debt within 30 days, and 71% of customers are perplexed by medical bills. With our billing and payment solutions, including intuitive practice administration, intelligent process automation, and contemporary patient payment solutions, you can unlock revenue cycle management profitability and efficiency.


Enhanced data management

Vigarbiz Inc. data and insights solutions, which include practice growth and revenue analytics, HIPAA-compliant data cloud storage, and APIs that link with third-party apps, help you save money and make better business choices.


Implementation simplified

Implementing a new platform may appear daunting, but there is no reason to be afraid of change. Vigarbiz Inc. is here to assist you and makes transitioning simple so that your practice does not skip a beat. With best-in-class training and enrollment assistance, your dedicated onboarding manager will ensure you and your staff are up and running quickly. Vigarbiz Inc. is dedicated to giving you the tools, time, and assistance you require to succeed.


Practice webpages

A safe, responsive, and high-performing website will highlight your practice and its offerings.

To attract more patients, create a proper digital front door for your clinic.


Search engine optimization (SEO)

Vigarbiz Inc. develops powerful SEO to help you’re practice rank better in important search results. Features may include responsive design, website security, keywords and indexed pages, and engaging content.


Blog tools that foster connection

You may edit posts for publication directly from your dashboard. Enable the blog tool as a self-service feature or as a professional service handled by Vigarbiz Inc.’s qualified healthcare writers.


Manage your reputation

Take charge of your reputation, earn the confidence of your community, and gain more patients. Your internet reputation influences how you create trust with your community and gain additional patients. Respond to reviews, automate requests for patient input, and watch your metrics – all from a single insights dashboard that puts your reputation in your hands. Vigarbiz Inc. allows you and your patients to take part in the public debate about your practice.


Contact us to outsource medical billing services or any other services 


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