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Boost your sales this Rakshabandhan with these campaigns in 2022

7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns to try this Rakshabandhan! 

Festivals and events bring about a whole wave of marketing campaigns in the aim to use the enthusiasm of people to creatively boost a company’s presence and perception, and along the way indirectly marketing it’s products/services. 

In the age of digital marketing, countless businesses use social media platforms & Influencer Marketing to raise their engagement and sales, as it’s cost effective and has a wide audience reach. 

If this Rakshabandha, you’re planning to capitalize on the sentiments of the festival, here are a few content strategies you can club and utilize as the relevance to your objectives and scale your digital marketing.

Influencer Marketing

#1 Strategy for Influencer Marketing

Gifting of Products to Siblings

For this strategy, you can get in touch with any influencer of your choice, and ask them to create a three-post carousel post. The post should highlight the product as the perfect gift for siblings, along with the product’s USPs, purchasing information, and other relevant information about the product, and  review of the same as well. 

This strategy helps you reach the audience of the influencer, and since the audience trusts the influencer, they’re more likely to purchase the product they’re advertising, therefore allowing your digital marketing campaign to build on this trust and making it work in your favor. 

Post Type – Photo Carousel 

#2 Strategy Influencer Marketing
Launch a Giveaway Contest 

You must have seen a lot of brands or influencers doing Influencer Marketing by launching a giveaway contest, wherein they set-out well defined rules and ask the audience to participate in the giveaway. 

This strategy generates product-related conversations while increasing Instagram followers (for brands), and engagement on the Instagram page (reposts, comments, likes, saves). 

This giveaway contest can be undertaken individually by the brand, where they continuously advertise about it through various means (stories, reels, posts), or you can involve Influencers of your choice and ask them to create a reel video which highlights the brand and explains the giveaway contest rules. The brands should also decide on the number of giveaways (it can be anywhere between 1-5).

Post Type: Video Reels + Link in Bio

#3 Strategy Influencer Marketing

Discount and Promotional Offers

One of the best ways to get people interacting with your brand, boost your sales, and earn a good Return on Investment (ROI) on the digital marketing campaign is by offering discounts. More specifically discounts that are only valid if they make the purchase through Instagram or the Website. 

A whole host of people would be interested and strongly consider such discounts and promotional offers, if they believe they’re getting the products at a great bargain and saving money through it. It works great in times of festivals, as people are largely on a buying spree and looking for any opportunity to save money.  

As a brand, to encourage the audience to make the purchases and avail the offers, you can take help of Influencer Marketing. You can have influencers create story posts about the products and discounts. Also, in addition to this, as a brand you can distribute CTA’s to monitor campaign conversions to know how well they’re working and if it was a hit. 

Post Type: Stories + Instagram Swipe Up Link


#4 Strategy Influencer Marketing

The Sibling Narratives

This strategy aims to create relatable video content which highlights the relationship between siblings. This helps the brands launch compelling campaigns which expands its audience, allows them to engage with them, start conversions, increase brand recognition, increase traffic to the website and the brick-mortar stores, and produce leads.   

These videos involve careful screenwriting such that it tells a meaningful or entertaining story, and also advertises the products. Brands can take help of different influencers and their varied niches of content creating to develop a good narrative whilst incorporating the brand. 

Instagram Post Format: Video Reels + Story

#5 Strategy Influencer Marketing

Influencers’ Store Visit

If you’re looking to target offline sales through your brick-mortar stores, one of the most popular strategies of late has been having influencers visit your stores and have them post honest reviews about the whole experience.

This often involves them shooting the environment, the product line, the customer service, product reviews and so on. This builds trust among the viewers and goes a long way to get people interested in visiting the stores and making purchases.  

When the influencers post such a video reels to their page, they all include links to the store locations and any information you want to put out for the people to know. 

Instagram Post Format: Video Reels + Story

Boost your sales this Rakshabandhan with these Influencer Marketing campaigns!
7 Influencer Marketing Campaigns to try this Rakshabandhan! Do let us know what worked the best for you!


#6 Strategy Influencer Marketing

Promote Your App or Website

The objective of this strategy is to redirect users to your Website or App by utilizing an Influencer’s ability to campaign and drive traffic to the website or the mobile application. 

This often involves ensuring Influencers create a 3 post Carousel post which depicts the advantages or the user friendliness of using a website or application, the products/services available on them, and any other specifications can be included in the post description. The description will also include a website link or an app download link in the stories. 

 Post Type – Photo Post (Carousel) on Instagram  


#07 Strategy Influencer Marketing

Content Amplification – Reposts

If you’re looking to make your in-house campaign viral across Instagram, be it a video or a content in any format. You can promote it through Influencers by having them repost your content on their individual handles. Also ask them to add a little extra content to it – maybe a reaction video, a review or an anecdote to make it more engaging, relatable and entertaining. 

Post Type – Photo Post (Carousel) on Instagram  


These are a few campaign ideas you can plan and use to reach your marketing objectives and goals, and at the same time make the most of this digital platform.
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