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B2C Lead Generation Specialists in Pune

You might be wandaring what is lead generation? Read this blog to more about it.

What is B2C Lead Generation?

B2C stands for business to customers. B2C marketing refers to all the strategies you can use to promote your company’s products and services to the customer. Generally the goal is about selling the product or service to the customers .

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Usually in B2C, customers make sudden purchases and their decisions are independent and are shaken by lots of factors like free shipping or free product samples. However not all buyers go with the same marketing techniques, some may want the convenience of free shipping and will buy the product immediately and there are many back and forth things and those customers continue to shop around.

That’s why the segmenting and personalized target message are the two useful strategies in B2C marketing. To reach the different customers, you need to consider what the best effective campaign for each marketing channel is, then target the audience and modify it to that customer base. For example some of your customers on Facebook may need different advertisements and modify the different ads compared with returning customers through your business website.

That’s the point where this analysis helps and then groups together the data and works out how to reshape the marketing tactics to that particular audience. It’s like each online user to feel like they have individual and focused attention by the company. 

There are two major types of lead generation which are Inbound lead generation and Outbound lead generation

What is B2C and why B2C lead generation is important?

B2C stands for business to consumer. It is not a business, but rather the process of firms selling to individuals. In the B2C world, you’ll need to concentrate on how to increase brand awareness and establish your brand. You’ll be able to link brand awareness to generate leads once you’ve established it.

Once you build brand awareness you will be able to relate this to generation of leads. As we know lead generation is the process of generating ways to bring people to your business website who are likely to make enquiries and then buy or make a purchase from your site. Inorder to make them buy or purchase you need to engage them through their buying journey and need to turn them into paying customers.

B2C Lead generation marketing is one of the most successful types of marketing and can be done in many ways. Your marketing efforts and plan need to aim towards generating traffic and also B2C leads, so that you can generate the revenue with generating the leads. B2C lead generation can be done in many ways and let’s look at ways to build a B2C lead generation strategy.

How B2C Lead Generation Helps Your Business to Grow in Kharadi, Pune?

Earlier you needed to have merely limited blast messages about services and products but nowadays the internet is making users very selective about whom to give the attention to and this means you need to gain that attention by providing services to add value to their life, offers and discounts that they are mostly looking for. However when customers want more they know who can help them.

Many B2C companies need their products and services in front of their target customers as soon as possible. It’s is not an easy task but it’s an investment of both time and resources. Hence marketing strategies help to generate action and some lead to the marketing goals. Doesn’t matter how big or small a company you have, each company depends upon the leads that help them to generate the ROI for the company.

Still didn’t get it? Here are some strategies that will help you understand how B2C lead generation is going to help grow your business in Pune and nearby areas.  It is simple and easy to grasp marketing tactics – 

1. B2C Content 

The best way to generate leads is to write the content that is helpful for the customers and they will be more likely to become leads. You can share the content related to your B2C business, how it works, or offers, etc. You can also write the content about your products and service pages to help people learn more about you.

2.  Paid Ads Campaign

The paid ads is a platform that shows the right ads to the right customers at the right time. You can bid on relevant keywords and cause your ads to show up in relevant search results. Paid Ads campaign is not only good for driving conversion but its best for generating qualified leads. 

3.  Social Media

Average users spend most of the time on social media. That’s why social media is the best option to promote your B2C business online. Begin with posting the engaging content and try to share it with the users who are interested in seeing and that will drive more traffic to your website from social media. You can also shoot paid ads from social media and target the relevant audience of your business.

4.  Setting Up B2C GMB Profile

If you operate your business in a particular area then you can tackle the local searches, which you can do by setting up a Google account. 

5. B2C Email List

one of the foremost strategies to generate leads is email marketing. It’s generally a process of lead nurturing rather than generating a lead. 


When it comes to generate leads you will require Leads Specialists in Pune


Vigarbiz Media B2C Lead Generation Process Includes:

Generating B2C leads is not a complex but its authentic source of generating the new leads that is crucial for your business. Vigarbiz Media takes the responsibility to discover the best qualified B2C leads for your business through its B2C leads generation services.  The fully transparent process behind our B2C lead generation service include:

Market Research 

We explore the entire demand driven market in search for the B2C leads that are interested in your products and services.

Organic Traffic

We create the best marketing plan to increase organic traffic to your company’s website through paid campaigns and social media.

Lead Nurturing

We connect with leads through multi marketing methods and send the routine cycle emails and updates in order to prevent leads from the competitors.

Sales Funnel

We track the leads journey from top of the funnel to sales conversion. With the help of analytical tools, we capture the data of the leads from the campaign that helps to improve in later stages of the sales funnel.

Effective Strategies

We gather powerful insights from the digital marketing campaigns with the help of marketing tools that helps to improve the customer engagement strategy.

Segmented Prospect

We provide the quality data of qualified prospects that will convert into sales in the later stage.

We follow industry specific norms to generate leads thats why we call ourselves Leads Specialists in Pune


Why is Vigarbiz Media the Best B2C Lead Generation Service in Pune?

Choosing a perfect partner among B2C lead generation companies is a challenging task for B2C companies. Since the B2C leads generation has a lengthy and fine approach one needs to be extra aware about the business leads. Here are some reasons thats tells you why Vigarbiz Media is the leader among the B2C lead generation companies in Pune:

Quality Service

We deliver the prospects that suit your sales norms and are ready to get converted. Driving quality engagement with leads through continuous prospecting has been our strength. We outshine in every way to deliver an encouraging chance to grow your B2C business and ROI.

Custom Strategy

Our B2C lead generation way understands your needs and plans a custom lead generation strategy that will educate, attract and nurture your interest in your leads to convert them into sales on the last stage.

Affordable Services

Vigarbiz Media lead generation services are reasonably priced to let you choose what is good for your business. We have best B2C lead generation solutions for small, mid and large companies for successful lead generation.


Our B2C sales teams are experts in building customer relationships and driving B2C conversions and they efficiently drive the lost users back to the profitable buying experience.

Secure Data

Our lead generation process involves a large volume of confidential data that we protect from driving away from us in the wrong hands.

Final Thought

To summarize, success in B2C marketing might be different to different companies. More sales and business growth could be a result of your success. It might also be providing the best customer service and receiving good reviews. As a result, it’s vital to identify your goals for your B2C approach. Then create a strategy for getting there. Your marketing efforts and strategy should focus on generating traffic and leads in order to generate the revenue for your business.

So are you ready to start driving fresh B2C leads for your business in Pune?

Then we are Leads Specialists in Pune!

If yes then Vigarbiz Media can help you to drive superior results for your business. With Vigarbiz media B2C lead generation services in Kharadi, Pune, you will get help optimizing for each of the B2C lead generation tactics that are mentioned above.

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